Sketch & InVision Training

Opportunity: Share some skills and best practices with the UX team at Ultimate Software
What I did: Created a condensed tutorial and presentation session to teach best practices with Sketch and InVision.
Outcome: Got a majority of the team familiar with Sketch and InVision workflows
Audience: The UX team at Ultimate Software & other product team members who were interested
What I learned: A few things 
Role: UX designer, facilitator
Other team members: Oscar (Front end & Design)
Skills  & Methods: Sketching, wireframes, speaking & mentoring
Tools: InVision, Sketch, Keynote, Quip, Google Hangouts
Artifacts: Presentation, demo files, sketches, tutorial documentation
The Story
Early on in my time at Ultimate InVision and Sketch were still in procurement stages. Because I came from a pretty heavy Sketch & InVision background I took the opportunity to share what I knew with the team. This gave me an opportunity to get to know everyone better and help get us all prepared for our eventual roll-out.

I was also able to work with Oscar, a front end engineer with a design background who was working on an early version of our design language system. Together we created a few lessons that we used to teach team members about process and workflow and tool tips that the DLS team was looking to develop.
A brief overview of some of the presentation content
What I did
To help with the learning process I made a few Keynote decks to present during our virtual meetings. Oscar and I also created some demo Sketch files and templates that designers could use to accompany our live lessons. I also wrote up some documentation on how to set up our design system in Sketch, sync assets, update plugins, and etc. Later I was also able to schedule 1 on 1 training sessions for some team members. InVision and Sketch were pretty new at our group when I joined, so I was happy that I was able to help the team get acquainted with them.

You can take a look at the slides here.
What I learned
A little more about the technical set up of design systems, versioning, and design repositories. I also learned that I kind of like teaching people things that I am good at doing.