Toyota Multi-Factor Authentication

Problem: Toyota Financial Services needed help implementing MFA
What I did: Created & iterated and guided an MFA experience
Outcome: Successfully completed one of the most technical projects for this client
Client: Toyota Financial Services
Users: Toyota Financial Services customers
Role: UX designer
Skills  & Methods: Concept design, sketches, user flows, presentation
Tools: Sketch, Keynote
Artifacts: Wireframes, user flows, Keynote presentation
The Story
Toyota Financial Services needed help implementing multi-factor authentication for their web properties and native apps to meet a regulatory requirement. Because we were the digital agency of record the task fell to us. I had the most familiarity with security on the team so I took it upon myself to work side by side with Toyota to cover every detail.
Behold the power of Keynote and some slight of hand
What I did
  • Wireframes
  • Animation
  • Presentation