Discover Repayment

Problem: Discover Financial wanted an automated way to find repayment plans for consumers
What I did: Created & animated a concept for a chat based repayment tool
Outcome: We won a pitch to explore similar digital concepts for the agency
Client: Discover Financial services
Users: Discover customers with more than 3 missed payments
Role: UX designer
Skills  & Methods: Concept design, sketches, animation, presentation
Tools: Sketch, Keynote
Artifacts: Wireframes, Keynote presentation
The Story
A chat bot was used for this concept to test the assumption that it could be preferable when talking about sensitive topics like finances. I worked with our account manager and creative director on the concept and created rough wires and storyboards to get approval.

Our creative director created the graphic assets and I animated a chat experience in Keynote and exported to video which we used in our presentation.
Behold the power of Keynote and some slight of hand
What I did
  • Wireframes
  • Animation
  • Presentation